At Every Time

"At Every Time" is an exhibition of new work by Charlotte Thurman opening on March 31st for a performance from 7-8pm followed by a reception from 8-11pm. 

Through the meticulous deconstruction of a recorded experience into its parts: moving image, text, sound, space, time; Charlotte shapes the diaristic and mundane into the realm of non-linear dream logic. She is searching for a locus of experience that is pre-language and pre-time. Paradoxically and inextricably, recorded text and time-based media are the methods in which she explores such a notion. She employs photography as an element in terms of documentation and the relationship it has to the moving image.

Charlotte Thurman is an interdisciplinary artist, whose practice bridges multi-media and immersive installation. Charlotte received her BFA in Mixed Media from the College of Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2009, and her MFA in Sculpture from the University of Delaware in 2016. Charlotte is a Contributing Faculty member of the Art Department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, and a Manager of Operations at Meow Wolf’s Interactive ArtComplex, “The House of Eternal Return.” She is the co-author of the feminist arts publication, “Life Raft.” 

“At Every Time” will be presented in conjunction with the Denver Month of Photography. 

One Foot in the Grave & the Other on a Banana Peel

Ian Miller
One Foot in the Grave & the Other on a Banana Peel
Opened February 17th, 2017

Miller’s work focuses on specific moments and isolated interactions between people, objects and the spaces that encompass them. The collage-like paintings incorporate elements of realism and abstraction. They frame events as they felt in the moment and the idiosyncratic way in which they are often remembered. 

The work functions as a pause, a break in the action, setting the stage and scene. Rather than focusing exclusively on the action, attention is given to the supporting factors including place, objects and symbols that carry their own particular weight and influence.

Crisis of the Real

Opened Friday, November 18th

Crisis of the Real is a collaborative exhibition by Kelia Anne and Luca Venter. 

By exploring a false representation of human behavior, Kelia Anne and Luca Venter are disjointing form and function and asking the question ‘what determines reality?’ Existing as an homage to postmodernism, Kelia and Luca dip their toes in a pool of lukewarm irony – dismantling the cultural idea that form follows function and asserting a truth where intuitive psyches are lost. As a reflection of the conditions of our time, Kelia and Luca reduce inventions by reassigning their purpose and questioning the functions of everyday gestures. Acknowledging the emotional complexity of the mundane, Kelia and Luca are following the nature of postmodernism by deconstructing semiotics – the signifier separated from the signified.

Kelia Anne is a Colorado native and a recent graduate of photography from Savannah College of Art & Design. Kelia’s work examines experiences regarded as temporary – love, location, and adolescence.

Luca Venter is a South African Photographer currently living in Denver, Colorado. He fabricates imagery that is almost too perfect to exist and is often characterized by its clean, dreamlike qualities.